Previous editions

Take a look at everything that happened at RTB DAY events in past years!


RTB DAY Jakarta 2018

26 July 2018

RTB DAY Jakarta was held on July 26 with a goal to share e-commerce industry knowledge with our clients and prospects from the SEA region.

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RTB DAY Ukraine 2017

05 October 2017

First edition of RTB DAY Ukraine was filled with the sessions focused around deep learning, retargeting, and latest solutions for the e-commerce industry. Along with great quality knowledge came good entertainment including: a visit in Wladimir Klitschko museum, an illusionist performance and a lottery with precious prizes.

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RTB DAY Brazil 2017

04 October 2017

It was the first edition of RTB DAY. During the event, we shared our latest insights on deep learning and must-have retargeting features. It was also a great opportunity to talk about the e-commerce industry needs and challenges during two panel sessions. Thank you for a great time we have spent together!

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