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Take a look at everything that happened at RTB DAY events in past years!


RTB Day Berlin 2024

18 April 2024

RTB Days relaunched with one of our best events to date. Berlin was the ideal place for an event full of energy, optimism, and meaningful insight. The April 2024 edition of RTB Days, named AddTake, took place in Design Offices Berlin and attracted over 100 people from all areas of the industry. It was hosted […]

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RTB Day Dubai 2020

26 February 2020

On February 26, 2020, RTB House hosted the first annual edition of RTB Day Dubai.  The event took place with extraordinary views from the FIVE Palm Jumeirah hotel, and welcomed leading marketing specialists from across the MENA region. Thanks to the efforts of Slava Petrenko (Country Manager, Middle East & Africa) and his team, expert […]

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RTB Day London 2019

05 December 2019

Imagine an event where all the speakers are available for face to face conversations. Imagine an event where the agenda is built to respect your time- only valuable content. Welcome to RTB DAY London! Yes, we held the first event in the UK on the 5th December. Industry experts from AppsFlyer, Integral Ad Science, Rezonence, […]

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RTB Day Sâo Paulo 2019

26 September 2019

The third annual RTB Day was held in Sâo Paulo during September 2019. This year’s edition welcomed more than 150 participants who had the chance to hear panel discussions on topics such as GDPR policy in Brazil, in-app marketing strategies and innovation within the programmatic industry. The event concluded with an inspirational keynote by Marta […]

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RTB Day Ho Chi Minh 2019

25 September 2019

The first edition of RTB DAY in Ho Chi Minh City was focused around future trends in the e-commerce industry. Notably, the Mobile Fraud presentation delivered by Nana Phan, Sales Manager SEA, Appsflyer attracted a great deal of conversation and interest. The event also hosted a panel discussion with leading marketers on hot topics within […]

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RTB Day New York 2019

19 September 2019

The second edition of RTB Day New York was held on September 19, coinciding with celebrations for the 5th anniversary of RTB House’s NYC office opening. The highlight of the event was an intense fire chat discussion moderated by Gary Burtka, VP of U.S. Operations for RTB House between key industry influencers such as Rob […]

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RTB Day Jakarta 2019

18 September 2019

On September 18, RTB Day returned to Jakarta, Indonesia for a second time, which also happened to coincide with the 25th anniversary of display advertising. The 2nd annual MarTech Innovation conference welcomed many unicorn companies—startups with sizable 1B+ valuations—and trailblazing businesses in the e-commerce and tourism industries. Esteemed panelists and thought leaders from firms such as […]

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RTB DAY Brazil 2018

20 September 2018

The second edition of RTB DAY Brazil was held in São Paulo on September 20. We had great panel discussions between advertisers and publishers as well as a lot of insightful presentations. With more than 130 attendees, having Ricardo Amorim – the most influential economist in Brazil as our special guest, we all together made this event a huge success!

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20 September 2018

In September 2018, we hosted a State of Ad Tech roundtable in New York City leading up to the annual Advertising Week gathering as part of our RTB House series of events around the globe. The event was moderated by Anthony Ha, senior editor at TechCrunch.

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RTB DAY Ukraine 2018

13 September 2018

The second edition of RTB DAY Ukraine was a great opportunity to celebrate RTB House fifth anniversary together with our top clients and publisher partners.

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