Where Advertisers, Agencies, and Publishers meet to build the e-commerce of tomorrow.

Since 2017, RTB DAY is where the top minds in e-commerce meet, collaborate and learn about what's disrupting the industry today and what'll change tomorrow.

Knowledge sharing

Educational, invitation-only event organized by RTB House

Online marketing

Focused on online marketing, knowledge sharing and latest mar-tech solutions


For RTB House clients, partners, publishers, SSPs and media

Hosted globally

Hosted from the Americas through Europe to the APAC region


It’s a platform that aims to share the best practices for the online marketing industry, find solutions for issues that marketers struggle with, and inspire people with the latest marketing technologies that revolutionize our industry.

Deep learning, AI, brand safety, ultra-personalization, the segment of one are just a few examples of topics discussed during RTB DAY.

RTB DAY is an event for building up the future of online marketing by all parties within the ecosystem.


Previous editions of RTB DAY have been held in the US, UK, UAE, Brazil, Ukraine, Vietnam, Russia, and Indonesia. Still more to come!


RTB Day Dubai

26 February 2020

On February 26, 2020, RTB House hosted the first annual edition of RTB Day Dubai.  The event took place with extraordinary views from the FIVE Palm Jumeirah hotel, and welcomed leading marketing specialists from across the MENA region. Thanks to the efforts of Slava Petrenko (Country Manager, Middle East & Africa) and his team, expert […]

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RTB Day London

05 December 2019

Imagine an event where all the speakers are available for face to face conversations. Imagine an event where the agenda is built to respect your time- only valuable content. Welcome to RTB DAY London! Yes, we held the first event in the UK on the 5th December. Industry experts from AppsFlyer, Integral Ad Science, Rezonence, […]

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RTB Day Moscow

10 October 2019

On October 10, RTB House hosted the second RTB Day in Moscow. Guests joined us for an evening of networking, knowledge-sharing, and entertainment It was a fantastic opportunity for the newly appointed Aleksey Khizhov from RTB House, Country Manager to our customers and partners. However, the stage presentation belonged to Omar Aras who shared an […]

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RTB Day Sâo Paulo

26 September 2019

The third annual RTB Day was held in Sâo Paulo during September 2019. This year’s edition welcomed more than 150 participants who had the chance to hear panel discussions on topics such as GDPR policy in Brazil, in-app marketing strategies and innovation within the programmatic industry. The event concluded with an inspirational keynote by Marta […]

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